Red Lips + Blanket Scarves.

Not so happy welcome back to work folks! I would totally be lying if I said I was excited to set an alarm again, have to eat breakfast at 6 am, then lunch at 10:50 when I typically am eating breakfast at that time, and spend every night writing and perfecting lesson plans so that when I am formally evaluated I kick ass. With all of that, I seriously have THE best group of kids this year soooo I was kind of excited to see them and hear all their cute little stories about their break. At least I can say they have been making me laugh like crazy. This is one of the many things I love about second grade. They come in as little babies and when the new year rolls in they start to mature and act like little adults. So grown up :) 

Besides me being back at work, I sincerely apologize for being totally MIA the last few weeks. I had this dream that I would plan tons of posts in advance so when break came I could naturally post looks a few days at a time and it would be flawless. ERRR. Wrong. That didn't happen at all! This dream quickly became a reality of "and where am I going to find the time?" As many of you know or can imagine the weeks before Christmas Break are craaaazy busy and the days went by like minutes. Before I knew it, family was here and blogging was no longer on my mind. If you're like me, family lives a good 12-15 hours away and you cherish every minute you have with them. Now that family is gone, the weather has taken a sh*$%! Seriously. It was rainy for a few days straight and now the temperatures are in the low 50's and 40's. Typing that out, I seem very high maintenance haha especially because I grew up in a state where I would have loved the 50's weather any day because most days it was 20 and under. I have absolutely adjusted to the southern sun and I am now the biggest baby ha!

I am slowly but surely breaking in all my new Christmas items and this blanket scarf is one of them (thanks mommy)! I have been stalking blanket scarves for a while now and my mom clearly saw that (via pinterest). With the weather being like it has, this scarf has been keeping my neck nice and toasty, annnddd I will most likely be purchasing more because now I know why everyone is so obsessed!



  1. I hate being back at work too - but I teach bigger kids so they all pretend they've been dead "gangster" over Christmas. I love your scarf.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Hahaha oh I give you major props with the older ones.


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