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Hey beauties! I hope your week went well and you are already enjoying the weekend with a glass of wine like I am. The kids were so hyper this week! You would have thought we were about to go on break, not coming off of one, but then again all they can think about is Christmas. They have asked me everyday if I can play Christmas music while they're working, so they think I'm pretty much the coolest teacher. Little do they know I love Christmas music as much as them....or more. Anyways, last week when my family was here my mom and I went exploring, (which I don't usually do with my tripod) and this sign was on the side of this beautiful brick building. I loved the quote; how simple and true anc with Christmas around the corner, I felt like it was so fitting.

This poncho sweater is actually a hand-me-down from my beautiful momma. She has some of the most amazing pieces and will retire them to me. I have been wearing this on repeat lately. It fits so nicely and goes with everything! Although it does kind of make me look heavy in pictures, I could care less because it is just so fabulous on, especially for this fall weather. You will also be seeing these jeans on repeat. They are seriously my favorite! The color is so delicious and they fit so well. When I find a good pair of pants I gush because I personally tend to have a hard time with pants being too big here or too small there or way too long it's ridiculous. Also, my love for hats has become a bit of an obsession. You will be seeing a lot more along the way!

Thanks for reading!

Poncho ( Old, similar below) | Bullhead Denim | Hat c/o | Vince Camuto Boots


  1. My form are starting to ask for Christmas quizzes and games - they'll be disappointed :(

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. haha they can't always get what they want.


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