Beach Visit.

Currently my husband's family is here and my family will be here tomorrow night. I know most people made sure to plan way ahead and get a ton of holiday looks ready to post during the holidays. However, I couldn't find the time to do that as much as I would have loved to. With that being said, I couldn't possibly take pictures with family here, especially when I rarely get to see them. So, after that long drawn out seemingly excuse, I decided to do a different kind of post! If you follow me on instagram you know we all took a trip to the beach, even with the weather being as awful as it has been. I kind of felt like a tourist when I was there haha. I have been to that beach every summer since I was about 7, but not in the winter and it was amazing! The plants had all changed color for the winter, the water and the sand were a darker grey and it was so quiet, it was beautiful.

All these photos were taken from my phone, so of course they don't do it justice, but enjoy :)

Location: Hilton Head, SC
Outfit Details: Jacket | Top | Jeans | Boots | Headband c/o


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