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 Sometimes there are days that are packed full of things from beginning to end, and I have no extra time to fuss over an outfit. I believe those days are perfect for a basic tee and a simple sweater. It's two simple pieces and really easy to throw together and pair with just about anything, from a chunky necklace, to a shoulder bag like shown.  

To be honest, I feel like I am a sweater collector and I immediately knew I had to add this one to the collection. Last year when the hubs and I moved down south I was so upset because I felt like it never got cold enough to really break out my sweaters or winter clothing. However, my body has changed and adjusted to this southern weather. I have been so cold lately and taking full advantage of this sweater weather! 

Typically when I shop for fall/winter clothing I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. They go with everything and with all the holiday foods I need some darker clothing to hide my food babies. HA. But seriously....With this sweater though, I was drawn to the pastel blue color in addition to the fact that it's lose fitting, so warm and not itchy. I say not itchy because for some reason when it comes to winter wear, like sweaters and jackets, I tend to have an irritation to some fabrics. Anybody else have that problem, or is it just me?

Anyways thanks everyone for visiting and Happy Wednesday!


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    1. Thanks elizabeth! It's so comfortable too!!

  2. Really nice and simple look, love that blue colour x

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