Lulu's Inspired: Dress for the Occasion.

As the year quickly comes to an end, the holidays are fast approaching and there's one thing on everyone's Whether you're just starting to create your wishlist or you've spent hours and hours browsing stores, catalogs, magazines or online, here are few items from Lulu's to give you some great ideas!

These are a few of my favorites. I had a VERY difficult time choosing because um, have you been to their site!? Gorgeous-ness after gorgeous-ness. And yes, I had to make up a word to describe their collection. Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me! You will find yourself browsing their site for hours and then you'll find yourself frustrated that you arn't a millionaire and can't purchase everything...maybe that's just me.

Happy Holiday shopping my loves!



A GIGANTIC thank you to all of you amazing people for supporting my blog I want to give you an additional promo code that will be able to be used anywhere on the Lulu's site including their Black Friday sale! This link will redirect to the Black Friday sales page on Black Friday. To get the promo code click LuLu*s Black Friday 2014!


1575 - $15 off Orders of $75+
20100 - $20 off Orders of $100+
35150 - $35 off Order of $150+

November 27th Is The Last Day To Sign Up For Black Friday Deals!



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