It took me awhile to find a pair of ankle boots that I liked on myself. I use to look down and think "OMG, I have clown feet", I know that's so ridiculous because I wear a size 6.5 but that's what it was! I found these last season at Vince Camuto and have found every opportunity to wear them! My hair wasn't cooperating, so I threw it in some low pigtails. Some people see pig tails as kiddish or looking like Pocahontas but I think done right and messy they look more boho than baby.
I hope you all have a great start to your week! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. ahhh I'm so glad you felt that way too about ankle boots. It took me a good month of searching before I found some that didn't make my feet look huge and long!

    1. You are not alone sister! Thanks for reading :)

  2. That's such a cute look - grey suits you perfectly.

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