My Beauty Routine....

I know I hardly ever post about beauty stuff here.  Probably because my knowledge in the beauty department is nothing to brag about.  I am proud to say I watch Jaclyn Hill and write a list of things I probably should be using. But if I were being completely honest, I do have my own little routine.  Now, my routine has changed and most likely will continue to as I find other products that work better for me.  For instance, I use to have super dry skin from years of swimming in pools with too much chlorine. After college I noticed a change in my skin and it became more oily so the products I was using had to change.  I have found a pretty good balance right now but with summer coming up I might be switching some things again.  Anyways, here are the products I use on the daily.

This is a newer product I've been using but I absolutely love it.  It makes my skin feel so soft and nourished. I know a lot of products say they will help your skin but nothing compares to how this feels.  Oh and side note it smells heavenly! Please try it out, you will not be disappointed.

 Oh bronzer, I have struggled to find one I love.  I always like them at first and then eventually find something wrong with it.  I have tried numerous companies and products but I am still on the hunt. Pictured above are the three I have tried recently and bareMinerals has been the best but not sure if I'm totally sold. The FIT me is nice but the shade isn't right.  I have a hard time with shades because some are too orangy and some are too brown. Then we have Sonia Kashuk.  I love her shadows so figured why not try her bronzer.  Unfortunately it's a cream base bronzer and I quickly found out I do not like how they blend.  I look like I have makeup on.  I know that seems ridiculous, you have makeup on so yeah it's going to look like you're wearing it but seriously, its no good.

I have used Covergirl lash blast for about as long as I can remember but a couple months ago I decided to try something different. I chose this brand and kind strictly because they had a two for one deal and thought why not.  Come to my surprise, I absolutely loved it! It made my lashes so long and voluminous.

I don't know about you, but on Pinterest I have seen so many reviews and raves about elf products.  I had heard about them way back in high school but hardly wore makeup at all so never really got into anything in that department.  However, things have changed and I have continued to see more and more about elf.  I decided to try out a few products that I had heard a lot about and was pleasantly surprised; mainly because their products are so cheap!  
As far as the Maybelline cover stick goes, I use this for my so cute dark circles.  It blends really nicely and has become a daily used product of mine.

Alright, hands down the best facial cleaner I have ever used.  It makes my skin soft and is so gentle.  I have to be extra careful with the facial products I use because my skin is so sensitive.

Kind of a random product but it is part of my daily routine so I had to share. I am just like any other person who has their fair share of breakouts here and there.  I like that it has both to treat and moisturize. It is Target's generic brand but it works for me and the price is just right. I have tried several products with the same idea of the dual treatment but have ended up with either really dry skin or oily skin.  This works for me right now but if you have used anything that isn't expensive and works really for you, well then I am all up for trying new things :)


**I use many different products from day to day but these are the ones I use everyday.
I am sure you know this, but everything stated above is my opinion.  I was not given products to promote or am I saying these products are better than others, they are just what I use and currently like from day to day.


  1. I really enjoy e.l.f products! I use the primer all the time and I love their brushes. Actually more so then I love high-end sephora brushes. Haha. They do break after a few months, but for $3 I don't worry about it!

    I use that mascara as a second layer in my routine and I LOVE it! Haha.

    All great products. :)
    When you did have dry skin, what moisturizer did you use? I have yet to find one I love

    1. To totally agree about the brushes, I am the same way! I am so not a spender when it comes to makeup. I had pretty dry skin a few years ago when I was swimming everyday and I used cetaphil. It is extremely light and gentle on the skin. I have looked at other kinds but that was alway what worked for me, it is a little pricey but it's really good stuff.


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