Lace, stripes & a whole lot of braids.

Today's outfit includes one of my favorite pieces in it - the high waisted stripe shorts. High waisted shorts are something I would be content wearing everyday. I had gotten these from my mother-in-law for Christmas but at that time it was way too cold to wear them. I'm so glad that it's actually nice outside now so I could style them for the blog. I paired them with this crop lace tank from Forever 21.  I don't do a lot of crop tops because I am not one for showing off my stomach.  However, this top isn't tight and matches with everything! It really has become a favorite for the spring/summer time. To play around with the look I decided to do another Milkmaid braid. With the weather getting warmer I had been trying everything to keep my hair up. But as you know, my hair has now changed! I hope you are ready to see it!!



  1. I love this outfit! Your top is so cute and it's a great combination with the striped shorts

    X Sara


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