Stripes & Anchors.

Can I just start off by saying how sorry I am for being MIA for well....about a month now! I knew February would be busy but I guess I didn't realize just how busy. On top of that, my parents came to visit and I left my camera in their car from a night out to dinner.  Of course I didn't realize until about 2 weeks later when I had a day to relax.  Camera came this week and the weather was awful!! Today was the first sunny day since Monday so I took full advantage :) 
 I also realize the picture quality is awful, another reason I wasn't in any hurry to post.  I have been saving for a new camera but student loans have made it so difficult to purchase a single thing. So, summer time I am planning on getting two more jobs (because I'll have the time, having summers off as a teacher) and get a new camera.  I am so envious of people who have a nice camera and a photographer to take pics of them. My husband is amazing, don't get me wrong, but his picture taking skills are that of a child.  Love ya babe!

So enough of my blabbing, this is an outfit I had worn awhile ago now and had lots of comments and questions about it, so here it is! Enjoy!

I have been seeing more and more of the pattern mixing now than ever so when I got these pants I took one look at my closet and thought, why not stripes?  I also wanted to throw in a pop of color; hot pink is not usually a color I wear often, although a favorite color of mine, but I am hoping to bring it more into my wardrobe this summer.


Sweater: Gap
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: MRP
Sunglasses: H&M
Jewelry: Necklace New York & Company (Old) | Watch Michael Kors
| Bracelet Urban Peach Boutique


  1. Oh I love your top and your necklace, looks very pretty!

    X Sara


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