On a more important note.....

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be a personal blog.  I was always so attached to writing in diaries it was a hard transition at first.  In no time I was pretty comfortable with sharing my thoughts here and adding pictures to go along with it.  However, my blog has kind of made a transition towards fashion, which I am totally head over heels obsessed with but the problem is, I never want to lose my voice or get lost in all the other fashion blogs.  So here I am to finally posting again about my life and really sharing with you something that is more important to me than words can truly express.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day which strikes home for me.  If you know me, this is probably everything you already know.  But if you don't, then welcome to my story......

When I was 7, my youngest brother Brian was born.  My parents had found out before he was born that he had a hole in his heart and would have to be rushed into surgery right after delivery.  The doctors had also diagnosed him with Down syndrome. Given all this information about a baby who wasn't even born yet, left my parents with so many emotions. I know at this time, they had turned to the most understanding person they knew, God.  Being only 7, I don't remember exactly how I felt or even what I thought about it. I do remember kissing my mom's belly every night and knowing that soon I would have another brother.  I couldn't wait to be a big sister to another brother, but especially this brother.  My parents had told me that this baby was going to be extra special because he was one of God's angels. The day he was born, he was rushed into open heart surgery.  I remember holding him and thinking wow, so this is what an angel looks like.  As much as the doctors had prepared us, they never told us how much he would change our lives.

Having Brian as a brother has taught me more than I can fathom.  He has taught me to never take anything for granted, to enjoy all the little moments in life, to never complain about what I don't have, to look for the good in people, to never judge someone just because they act different than myself, to be me no matter if it's the cool thing or not and to laugh at myself more often.  Learning all this and more has actually opened my eyes and continues to.  He is truly an inspiration.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Brian will tell you what an incredible person he is.  Brian truly is an angel.  He is one of the most selfless, caring, loving, nonjudgmental, and extraordinary people I have ever met.  My story is just one of many and I am not sure if other people feel this way but anytime I meet someone who has a family member with Down syndrome or even hear a story about someone with Down syndrome, I automatically feel a connection with that person. I may not have a typical life or one that people dream about, but to me I cannot imagine or wish for anything better.


A few truly amazing videos to check out and Happy World Down Syndrome Day :)