Lately, it has been pretty chilly here! I finally broke out my jacket and was doubling up on the layers. This jacket is an oldie but goodie. It has been a go to many of times.  The best part is it's made of sweatshirt material! Talk about comfortable! One thing is, I am really weird about fabrics against my skin. If I feel too confined or stiff I literally freak out.  It is one of those quirky things about me.  Textures and fabrics can be my best friend or my enemy.
And finally, these are the first pictures you can actually see the colors I put in my hair. I still left a lot of blonde for an easy transition and a more natural look but I think next time I am going to add more browns and reds.

 So thankful it is Wednesday, the end of the week always seems to go by fast and I have a long weekend! YAHOO! I look forward to any days off since I don't have another break until April.


Sweater: H&M
Pants: Michael Kors (similar here)
Flats: Lauren Conrad ( love here and budget friendly here)
Jacket: American Eagle (love here, tons of great options here)