Acid Wash Denim.

I swear I have the hardest time finding pants that fit me well.  I am not sure what the deal is but when I find a good pair, it's hard not to purchase it in every color it comes in.  Before I bought these new beebs I literally had two pairs of jeans that I wore religiously.  If you follow me on instagram I took a shot of all the colors I bought.  I contemplated on whether to buy the acid wash jeans but then I thought, why not? Everything that was once popular, goes away and then comes back. So my decision on whether to buy them or not based on their "popular" factor pretty much became irrelevant. That's the best part about fashion, it isn't always about what's in style!

I hope you all have been keeping warm! It hasn't been nearly as cold but it did hit almost record lows.     Anyways, it's officially the weekend so I am celebrating haha.  First week back was absolutely crazy but it is nice to be back on a schedule.  You all enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Sweater: Pac Sun
Jeans: Pac Sun
Necklace: Kohls (old)