My Shades of Grey.

I can't believe Christmas is only three weeks away!  In Ohio it is in the 20's and snow is something of the past.  Here however, snow doesn't exist, and the temperature has been in the high 70's all week.  Now I am not complaining about the snow at all, but it is a little hard to listen to classic Christmas music like "Baby, it's cold outside" when it is anything but that.
Despite the weather, I am totally loving the grey on grey lately. I paired this sequin stripe top with grey skinny jeans, my grey peacoat, and silver leopard flats.  It wasn't nearly cold enough to break out the coat but I have been waiting long enough to wear it haha.  I chose these particular flats because they are so shiny and girly like the top, which to me, brought the whole look together.  Is there any color combinations you are loving?

A change is in the air....for my hair that is! Look for my next post to find out what I am doing :)

Top: Michael Kors (Loving these two options here & here)
Jacket: Zara (love this one here)
Pants: Abercrombie (Similar here)
Shoes: Vince Camuto


  1. I LOVE that top! So freaking cute! I haven't experimented with the grey on grey yet, but you are definitely pulling it off!


  2. Love your girly flats! :)

  3. Beautiful outfit!! :) Love the sequin top. I have the same gray skinnies. Love them :) xox


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