Guest Post Featuring Kristy from The Salty Mess.

Hey guys! Kristy here from The Salty Mess filling in for the lovely Jenn today as her guest fashion blogger! With the holidays coming upon us so quickly, you can’t help but to get excited about all the sales going on! Am I right?? Well as your guest today, we would like to share with everyone some of the styles we have worn and let you know that these items are just a click away. We have our own boutique (link is also accessible through our blog) that sells most of the styles that we post about throughout the week. We have teamed up with Jennifer Therese to share some of the featured deals we have going on and just for being a fan and a reader, we wanted to grant each of you a discount code that can be used on anything you see in our shop throughout the rest of the year. Please use discount code "hellosaltymess" in order to redeem your 20% off discount! Yahoo!


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