Factory Girls Workshop.

Are you a blogger? Would you like to take your blog to the next level? Then I have a great opportunity for you! It is called Factory Girls Workshop and they are doing some phenomenal things! Read below to find out all the details!

Factory Girls Workshop

Join Factory Girls this January for their 7-Day Career Makeover Workshop, hosted in Los Angeles and New York. Attendees will receive a crash course in Photography + Videography, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising, Business + Lifestyle, Website Design, and PR + Marketing.

Workshops will be taught by the industry’s most sought after influencers including style-blogger Peace Loves Shea, celebrity stylist Monica Rose, fashion photographer Harper Smith, photographer and food blogger Claire Thomas, fashion illustrator Jamie Le Reardin and Smashbox Cosmetics graphic designer Samantha Arnstadt.

What You’re In For:

Day 1: PR + Marketing
On our first day of the workshop, we will be digging deep into PR and Marketing, covering all aspects of the field including marketing campaigns, branding, press and publicist outreach, email marketing, digital marketing, and social media and increasing traffic.

Day 2: Photography + Videography
Learn about different types of cameras, studio equipment, and editing programs. But that’s not all! We take the class to the next level when we put a camera in your hand and throw agency rep’d models, wardrobe stylists, set designers, hair and make-up artists into the mix. Leave Day 2 of the workshop with a portfolio jock-full of photos and videos that you produced and edited.

Day 3: Graphic Design
Focused on Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator that you need to know for any creative project - gain experience in branding, logo design, typography, editing photos, and seriously – much, much more.

Day 4: Window Design
(Aka Visual Merchandising) On this day, you’ll find yourself working with some of the city’s coolest boutiques to give you hands on experience in Window Design. Split up in groups – and led by our favorite and most stylish fashion bloggers – you’ll take part in designing a super awesome window display.

Day 5: Business + Lifestyle
Crucial to growing towards a successful career, here comes a lesson in business headed by industry entrepreneurs, offering tips on management, networking, branding and finances. Plus, self-improvement tips and tricks for creating the career and life you envision.

Day 6: Fashion Design
On day six, get served hands-on experience in fashion illustration, technical design and textile design.

Day 7: Web Design
On the last day of the conference, learn how to build a website utilizing all the skills and portfolio bling you worked towards earlier in the week. Attendees will have the opportunity to put all of their brag-worthy work on a new, personalized website – you’re not only making all your frienemies jealous, but you are also about to crush the competition.

When: Los Angeles, January 10th-19th
New York, January 24th – February 2nd

Where: Joey Showroom, 1342 Studio, T&A Showroom

Details: Cost to attend the 7-Day Career Makeover is $1250, or purchase your choice of two days for $625.

Video sponsored by StyleHaul. Models sponsored by Click Models and LA Models. Web sponsored by Behance and Cargo. Media relations sponsored by Post+Beam.

Who is a Factory Girl?

Factory Girls are taking over the world, one workshop at a time. They’re the coolest girls in the room - the big dreamers with even bigger heels. They cherish a good leather jacket and obsess over Cara Delevingne just the same. Factory Girls are independent, creative, and success-driven. She may have listened to too much TLC growing up, but that doesn't mean she can't drool over Ryan Gosling shirtless. Factory Girls start their day with a latte, Who What Wear emails, and a little yoga. She believes days off are for vintage shopping and Instagram-worthy brunch dates with friends.

About Factory Girls

Factory Girls host creative workshops taught by industry influencers in major cities around the world. Workshops are geared towards ambitious females who want to take their knowledge, artistic talents and careers to the next level. Factory Girls specializes in contemporary workshops that cater towards the aspiring business owner, the freelance creative, the nine-to-fiver, the moonlighting blogger or the industry shark who wants to sink her teeth into some new skills.

Factory Girls prides themselves on booking the most talented, the most creative, and the most sought-after influencers to host. Workshops promise to only feature the coolest ladies that the city has to offer! No matter what your area of interest, Factory Girl Workshops are here to provide attendees with fast-paced, hands-on experience that will give you that extra edge on the competition, some major portfolio bling, loads of brag-worthy projects - all while pairing with your favorite platforms.


  1. Great opportunity. I live in Canada :) but thanks for sharing. Good to know.


  2. I would love to go but I live internationally in Seoul- They should definitely come here, I would 100% be interested! So jealous. x

  3. Wish i could attend but I live in dubai :(!


  4. Love that!
    Shame I'm in the UK though :( xxx


  5. wish there was one in dallas ... :(


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