RIP Straightener.

Just to warn you this post is slightly dramatic but when you have unreliable hair that does what it wants you know this could have been a very sad day haha.  
Ever since I bought my tourmaline straightener it has been my savior.  Seriously, I have tried almost all of my friends and they just weren't the same.  This baby heated up so hot it would steam, which in thought is probably horrible for your hair, but when you would literally use a clothes iron to get it straight nothing is more ridiculous or more damaging.  Straying from the subject, I was mid straighten and my straightener started to spark.  I was hoping it was nothing as I had the other half of my head to do.  Unfortunately, it had given out.  It was warm but when I would pull it through my hair, nothing.  If that was not dramatic enough just wait. I of course needed to go out that second and get a new one. When I got to Sally's I ran straight to the same one without thinking and went to the counter to purchase.  Only when I asked about a warranty and explained mine had sparked then stopped working the lady took one good look at me and said "why in the hell are you getting the same one?"
(cue in attachment)
I explained I was scared to get a different one knowing this one had always worked so amazingly.  She introduced me to a few others that were a little more money. I was skeptical at first but thought, why not? I ended up choosing the Ion One Stroke and let me just tell you, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase! 

So it was out with the old and in with the new but this new one was perfection.  Literally it gets just as hot and makes my hair feel so silky.  It is easy to control and goes through my hair so easily, and by that I mean it doesn't pull your hair.  I have tried some where my hair would get stuck in the plates or they just didn't go through my hair as nicely.  That is not the case with this one.  If you are looking for a good straightener, I recommend this one. In addition to getting a new straightener I was able to pick out three free products to go with my purchase!  I mean who doesn't like free? So of course I picked three items from the straightening care line.

Don't mind my shower in the background lol

Kind of hard to tell but my hair was so ridiculously silky without using any of the products!  

**This item was not gifted to me for promotion. All opinions are my own.



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  2. I've actually heard of that straightener before and heard great things about it! Your hair looks fantastic! Just started following you via GFC! I love your blog!


    1. Oh good! Thank you, that is very sweet! I followed back :)


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