October at an Instant.

I haven't done one in awhile so I felt like what better time?  I know I share a lot of personal things on my blog but I don't always post pictures on the blog besides outfit choices.  If you want to be instantly updated on what I am doing follow along with me on Instagram here! (Or search for me: @jenntherese). October was a busy month and I have a feeling this year is not going to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Ever since Austin and I moved down here we have been trying all new restaurants and they are amazing!  The top picture was actually worth documenting because it was my first time trying sushi.  I have to say it was not as bad as I thought but I am just not a fish person. I mean I got the vegetarian choices but even the texture of the seaweed kinda bothered me.  Honestly, most of the time when I don't like food its because of the texture.  Weird, I know but it is what it is haha.

I had never been much into beauty products, I kind of always just got what I considered necessities. Lately, I have been much more excited about trying new things.  My next big purchase is going to be this baby right here
In addition to that, I have been so excited to begin collaborations with some amazing companies.  If you are interested in doing a collaboration please contact me!  You can find all my information in the Contact tab or Collaboration tab :)

Just some randoms as of lately.  Top picture is of course my two biggest babies. Bottom left to right: Elle & K boutique sharing a photo from my blog, the end of October and still blue skies :), The Spongebob movie is being filmed by us and the ship from the movie drove past us.  Growing up watching Spongebob I thought this was so cool haha

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