Collab: Dressed Up Denim.

For this post I did something different, I team up with this lovely lady from the blog fashionablykay!  Makayla and I have been planning this for quite some time now but with both our busy schedules it took some time to get this complete. If you don't already follow her you need to now!! She has a great sense of style, and I always look forward to what she puts together next!  For our collab we decided to find a look that we both liked and added our own personal style to it, HERE is the look we were inspired by.
I am a little jealous of Makayla's skirt, it is absolutely perfect and I have yet to purchase a skater skirt and definitely need to get on it pronto!
To see more pics of the darling Makayla make sure you check out her blog and follow along here!

I chose to do a vest instead of a jean jacket simply because I no longer own a jean jacket.  I know I have been punishing myself ever since!  I swear I have learned my lesson, don't get rid of anything haha just kidding, but seriously every time I get rid of something because it is no longer in style they come back in!  Just like my flare jeans, I mean who would have thought?!  Oh well lesson learned.

I added a gold double chained necklace with pearl details to dress the look up a bit.  It is totally unnecessary especially because the top I chose is silk with a ruffle in the front but who ever said "just keep it simple", not me!

I apologize some of my pictures were a bit dark but this past weekend was crazy to the max and that was the only time I could get a shoot in.  So sorry.  Anyways I am happy for only one more week till Thanksgiving Break!  I hope you all have something wonderful planned.  

Thanks for reading,

Top: Michael Kors
Vest: Abercrombie
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Honestly, no idea...sorry!
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Love how our post turned out! It is funny how certain trends/pieces come back around. Never toss something you love, regardless if it's in trend or not! Xo

    Fashionably Kay

    1. I know it turned out really well :) Agreed! I have definitely learned my lesson with giving away something unless it is no longer my taste.

  2. You both look amazing. Love the skirt and i am a huge fan of denim.

    Found you through Lucky. Followed your lovely blog on GFC. Hope you can follow back.

    I am hosting a Blog Party on my blog. You should check it out and submit your blog link for other bloggers to connect with you.

    1. Thanks love! Yes I will be sure to follow back :) thank you for your amazing support!!!

  3. Great collab! you both look lovely :)
    xo Natalie @


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