Studs of Grey.

 I can't believe the weekend is already over!  For some reason this weekend felt longer than usual to me.  I know that is completely absurd since it was the same amount of hours and days it usually is but I loved it!  Anyways Friday the hubs and I went to our town's highschool football game and had a blast.  Grades are due Monday morning so that is pretty much what I did all weekend, unfortunately and this week is conference week but that means half day on Friday so I guess you could say I am already looking forward to next weekend :)
Anyways this outfit was simply put together on account of I wanted to finally wear this shirt!  My madre got it for me last time she was here; for some reason when she comes down she always takes me on a little shopping spree which I do NOT complain about.

The top is actually a perfect fall shirt.  It is really thick and warm but the short sleeves makes it perfect for cool temps.  The studs are what drew my eyes to it and made me try it on.  After putting it on I was sold.  It had a higher neck line and fits perfectly to my silhouette. The back has a zipper going down about 1/4 of the way.  It had to have a zipper in order to get it on because that is how snug it is.  Normally I don't like tops that are that tight but the spandex in the material makes it comfortable while being form fitting.

I just recently got these jeans as well (same mother shopping spree).  They are the darkest jeans I own, besides my black ones, and they are super stretchy!  I am probably one of the most picky people when it comes to jeans because I have larger hips...which most people laugh when I say that.  But honestly, compared to my waist they are out there.  Anyways, I struggle to find one that fit well in all areas and are cozy.  I guess what I am saying is these will be around until they no longer fit or fall apart haha so get use to seeing them.

I absolutely love these booties!  I have had them for a couple years now and am finding more and more uses for them.  I swear I am literally obsessed with ankle boots right now.  If I had thousands of dollars I could spend it all on Anthropology's site!  Totally obsessing over these here, here and here!!!!  If you want to get me a gift, I wear a size 6 1/2 :)

I know I am sporting like all Michael Kors but you can absolutely never go wrong with his stuff.  I am sure many other people would agree! Well I hope everyone has a non-stressful week and always always always, thanks for reading.