Today is my absolute favorite day.  I finished all my parent conferences on Friday and was done by noon.  Then the hubs and I went out for some lunchy at Zaxby's and it was absolutely delicious!!  I swear food down south laughs at food from up north.  There is seriously no comparison.  I think if I went back up north I would be confused where to eat, besides chipotle, they don't have that here....yet. This outfit was inspired by Halloween.  So cheesy but yes, I love this shirt but it serves a special purpose this time of year.  I have trouble finding places to wear this only because it is a crop top, and dips low on the sides like a cut off tee.  Online it is modeled with no bra, nothing, just straight side boob, and maybe you can get away with that but I definitely can NOT.  

I chose to wear a bandeau underneath because you have to wear something. With all the difficulty of finding the best time and place to break it out I still absolutely love the top.  I have almost always loved skulls.  I think they are so artsy and add a bad ass feel to anything but are still so chic.

I chose to bring out the combat boots this time and make this outfit from head to toe grungy chic.  I always debate with this top, whether to bring out a blazer and heels or like I did here with high waisted shorts and combat boots.  Another reason I like this top, you can switch up the look completely and it still works.  Some tops are really dressy or really casual but the gold vibrant beading on this makes it an easy piece to transition.

  The countdown for Thanksgiving break is in full swing!  That week off is looking mighty fine right now but until then I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and always thank you for reading!


Top: Tobi
Shorts: Gap
Boots: Steve Madden
Bandeau: American Eagle


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