MRP Floral.

If you have been reading my posts lately you know that I recently was promoting a new brand called MRP. I was nervous about them at first because they are located all the way in South Africa and their prices seemed too good to be true.  Most things that seem too good are, but this was not the case!  I received my products no problem and they were exactly what I had picked out.  I was way excited when I opened the package and everything fit, and matched.  Colors can be tricky to match when ordering online but it worked out perfectly!  I promised when these fabulous items arrived that I would do a post so here it is!! 

I chose to add a leopard headband because I have yet to find a leopard skinny belt I love that is not overpriced.  I saw an amazing one at Target once but it was too big.  You may ask why leopard?  I realize there is already a busy pattern going on with bright colors, but that was just what I envisioned  for the outfit. I know that may seem totally crazy but sometimes things just pop into my head and it works, things also pop into my head that totally DON'T work but I liked this idea and stuck with it.

In life there are items every girl needs in their closet.  A lbd is definitely one for many reasons but a trench coat is another. I have been dying for one for what seems like forever but have never found one I liked that was decently priced.  I am all about a bargain, but there are definitely some items I have found that you get what you pay for.  This fits like a glove, it is comfortable and well made.  Three items everyone wants when purchasing an item like this.  It came in black as well but what is more amazing than camel? You will be seeing much more of this in the future!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and tomorrow is hump day!  Can I get a WAHOOO!?  With testing, report cards, a new student, parent conferences, behavior recognition, and honor awards all within October, I will be glad to see it end.  Until then, keep on keepin'.


Dress: MRP
Shoes: MRP
Trench: Michael Kors (Similar, currently lusting over this)
Headband: Target (Similar)
Belt: Michael Kors (Similar)


  1. That is one gorgeous dress! Love the pink and green combo!

  2. I love that dress! It looks great on you. Such a cute pop of color with the flats too. :)

    Fashionably Kay

  3. Such an adorable dress!!

    Madison Martine

  4. interesting pattern and colors centered around the charming woods...nice to watch out!!


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