High Waisted Blues.

It is finally starting to feel more like fall here.  I am so use to it already being in the 60's by now but here it is still in the 80's.  I have never been more excited to bring out my sweaters and boots.  I know there will be plenty of time for that and should be enjoying the warm weather.  Helping me enjoy the warm weather are these new shorts!  Normally I would say I have a shopping addiction and am never satisfied...I literally can always find something else I "need".  Don't get me wrong I have self control but lately my husband has been my voice of reason because we are ultimately trying to save up for a house.  I want this just as much as him so spending hasn't been all that difficult but the other night we were enjoying a few beers and I was online dreaming when he said "go ahead and buy yourself that sweater you're looking at"...normally I would jump at the opportunity but instead I turned my head waiting for some snarky comment or a laugh.  Nothing.  
I said "wait...are you serious", he sure was!  I actually felt bad buying it but he said I could, right!?  Anyways he took me shopping the next day and let me spend what I had made from my summer job.  I was totally pumped!  One of my purchases were these high waisted jean shorts from Gap.

I love how baggy they are, so comfy.  I have literally worn them like crazy since I have gotten them.  I tend to have a hard time finding shorts I like because I am not into the super short shorts anymore and that's kind of all I have and have been meaning to update that.  These were such an awesome deal!  They were $50 and I got them for $17!  I am probably going to go back and get a few more pairs, they just fit so well and the price is unbeatable!

Moving has really opened my eyes to something.  Like most women I am guilty of the "I have nothing to wear" feeling, well thanks to moving it has made me realize I need to shut up.  Seriously!  When we moved I had about half of my clothes here.  There was definitely things I knew I didn't have but when the rest of my clothes got here and I started unpacking it all and was disgusted by the many things I had totally and completely forgotten about that I love!  I mean shirts, dresses, boots, sweaters, and jewelry that I didn't even remember I had! Basically I learned that I have WAY more stuff than I really and truly need.  So closet cleaning it is!

This shirt is one of the items I had forgotten about.  I remember when I bought this, I had to have it!  Now look at me, forgetting it even existed but isn't that how most things are purchased?
This shirt is so perfect to me.  Open back, flowy but tight in the right places, not too long, not too short and the color is just perfect.  I love the splashes of blues, making it easy to dress up or down.  I dressed it down but put a cute summer heel with it.  If I were to wear this out at night I would add some black to it like a black ankle boot, and blazer.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  I will try my best to keep up with posting, I have a ton of things to do for teaching but have a great week.


Top: Pac Sun
Shorts: Gap


  1. looking the blue of this outfit :) Plus, your surroundings are so beautiful. Probs, it's cause I love trees and nature :P


    1. Thank you! Yes the scenery is always my favorite :)


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