Orange You Bright.

Good Morning,

I am sorry I have been absent, I have been working so hard to get my classroom all set and ready for the first day which is just around the corner. Yesterday was our "Meet & Greet" and it went so well!  I was quite a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect or how the parents would be but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very casual, the parents walked in with the students, I introduced myself, answers questions they may have had, talked a bit, had them verify a way to contact them and they were off.  I had about half of my kiddos and parents show up, which is a really good turn out considering it was during the day so working parents would have had trouble if they didn't take off.

To the outfit! This is a dress I have been wearing over and over this summer.  It is THE most easy going dress, flowy, light weight and so stinkin' cute!  It is the easiest to dress up or dress down.  I dressed it down because most people who see the dress say they like it but have no where to wear it to.  I always look puzzled when people say that because I could think of a million places.  Despite that, how great is this color!?  It is so bright and I always feel tan in it.  There are more colors: Navy, Pink and Turquoise.  When they go on sale, and still have my size, I will probably snatch up some more.

This sunhat is perfect for summer time.  It compliments the outfit enough to keep it simple but practical.

A shot of the detail in the back.  I love the little gold details to the ties.  I chose my rose gold jewelry to accent with the gold and pull the warm colors from the dress.  Rose gold is the perfect jewelry to wear in the summer time because it plays off the pink tones in your skin which are prominent in the summer when you become tan.  Most people stick to silver in the winter time because you are the most pale then. 

These shoes are old but I always find a purpose for them.  The brown goes with everything and I love the strappy look to them.

Enjoy your weekend loves!  I can't believe I start teaching Monday morning.  There's no looking back now!!!

Dress: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Bracelet: Gifted


  1. Cute outfit!!
    Loving the hat!

  2. The color looks so nice on you!

  3. Cute dress and the color looks great on your skin!



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