Raiders & Baseball Caps.

So I went a different route this time.  I always am girly, dress up, add some accessories, and whip my long blonde locks around.  Well not this time, no sir!  I went completely casual and down to earth, my true personality.  Don't get me wrong I am the "lets dress up everyday" kind of girl, but every once in a while I love to bare the casual cutie.

There is nothing wrong with a skinny sports bra and a tank, especially when you are representing your favorite team ;).  No no, not the Oakland Raiders, the Mount Union PURPLE RAIDERS!  WOOT WOOT!  I am sure you have never hear of them, well maybe you have?  Who has won the most championships...that's right Mount Union!  I went to college there, and met my new hubby there!  So many good memories especially the football games, ahh tailgating, stuffing your face, taking a nap then partying the night away. Well partying might be a bit of an understatement since it was a small private school BUT when the parties were good, they were really good.  Anyways I must be getting football fever or something but this outfit was a no brainer.

I actually had this tank made last year so I could wear it to the games.  The tank is so lose fitting and probably the most comfortable material ever!  The tank is from American Apparel and this girl did a fab job.  Glitter writing, AND comfortable, she got an A in my book!  You can find all her adorable stuff here!!  She is super amazing and will even take requests on sayings, colors etc.  Mine did have a purple and white polka dot bow on it but you know dogs....

My tennies, oh just the cutest pair of blue and white polka dot keds.  One of my happiest purchases, one because they were on sale, two because they were the last pair and three because, I mean, they are just darling!!  I use to totally hate polka dots but in small doses, I can handle them.  I could probably wear these everyday but half of my outfits do not go with them.  So I guess some creativity is in order!

I stole this baseball cap from my mom, it was just laying in the closet and I am slowly becoming a hat girl.  It started with fedoras but now I have been looking around for some cute ones to add to my wardrobe.  This is not one I would wear with a girly outfit or anything but for this look, it was the perfect accessory.  The weather is hot, and bugs are more annoying so hats come in real handy down south.

Being silly :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

Top: Etsy
Shorts: Forever 21
Hat: Nike
Shoes: Keds


  1. love the shoes! you look pretty)

    what about following each other? i'm following you now, please follow me back if you like my blog)

    love, Yulia

  2. You look very pretty girl and so funny I just did a look similar to this one too only sporting the 49'ers! LOL.

    Following you now honey.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thank you, that's very sweet, and awesome! Must be the football fever haha very cute :)

  3. You look great! Sometimes there are those days when you just want to be casual!

    1. Thanks Caroline! You always leave the sweetest comments :)

  4. How cute! I love your outfit, it looks great!! The tennies rock! I don't like polka dots either and I can't stand them on shoes, but these are just so cute, I'm gonna see if I can find a pair!
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    and participate in our newest "guest blogging" session!
    Thank you so much (especially for the football inspiration, I wanna dress up all casual-like and go to a game, now!)

    1. You're a doll! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  5. You are a dream!! Love the Keds. Grab some white ones to go with other outfits!! ;-) So comfy...

  6. where did you get your shoes?? keds only has a navy, red, and black spotted shoe!

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    2. Molly they are actually on sale now! Here is the link:***5********WF46403*M100/showDefaultOption/true/searched/true/productdetails?searchText=polka+dot

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