Poncho Perfect.

Happy Monday!

Today is my day off and I always look forward to them!  Work has been great don't get me wrong but it is always nice to have a lay in bed, watch a movie then get up kind of day.  Or stay in bed all day and watch movies whatever :)  I start my teaching job on August 19th!!! I couldn't be more excited to meet all my new Kindergartners, but nervous because it is my first year.  Once I get to know everyone and get the feel of everything I will be fine, I just get anxious with new and unknown things.  What I do know is that I love kids so it can't be all that bad.

This outfit is one of the easiest go to, I am running around all day, I want to be comfortable types.  I love this top, so breezy and the detail on it makes it so girly and easy to dress up for night time.  I got this at TJ Maxx in college one year and fell in love.  I never thought to hard about what I would wear out at school because not every night would the parties last long and we would end up back at the house being girls, eating, gossiping and being crazy.  

You can also tell by the hair that this is an easy going, carefree look.  I almost never do buns because my hair is so long and thick that it is heavy and ends up falling out within 30 mins of being up.  For some reason I got lucky today and it stayed, not complaining :)

These shoes are also a college purchase, from Charlotte Russe.  I purchased just about every pair of heels and "go-out" shoes from there because they always have great deals and are inexpensive.  Plus side, they are actually really well made.  I have had shoes fall apart that I have been more careful with and spent more money on than these babies.  So I highly recommend checking them out, there are hits and misses but you are bound to get a good deal and find something you like for a special occasion or just because.

I just have to point out the lighting in these two pictures above.  The sun gave the pictures an orange hue to them and I love how you can see the light shining through.  Idk maybe it's just considered bad quality but I love the cast it gave them.

Ponchos are the easiest item to wear; they flatter everyone and are very breezy.  I am not always up for snug clothing, and this is anything but snug.  Not all ponchos are attractive, you definitely have to search for the right ones and don't be scared to try it on!

Close up of the detail.

Have an amazing week you guys!  And thanks for reading, always.

Top: TJ Maxx ( ones I love here and here)
Shorts: Hollister (old) similar here
Shoes: Charlotte Russe


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    1. Thank you! Give me your link so I can return the favor of your lovely comments :)

  2. Love this outfit!

    -Krystin Tysire xo


  3. I love the detail on your poncho. So pretty!

  4. Cute ! Love your hair!


  5. Love this, so floaty and pretty :)


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