New Mineral Makeup.

Hello Gorgeous,

I don't know why I didn't post about this sooner, but doing my makeup this morning I was like "wait a second"!  This makeup is amazing; I have been using it all summer, so why am I not sharing this with you?!  I apologize, but here I am now ready to tell all!

So I have tried what feels like hundreds of different kinds of makeup and every time it either makes my face super dry or really greasy by the end of the day.  Either way, GROSS!  So I had walked into Sephora in high school with a friend not thinking to much about it and asked one of the ladies if they had any makeup that was light and inexpensive.  Being in high school I wasn't about to pay 100 dollars for coverage but I wanted something nice.  I know usually those two don't come hand in hand when it comes to make up, except Bare Minerals.  

I bought the basic foundation and a bronzer to start me out.  The bronzer I use during the fall and winter months is Warm.  Bronzer is my savior, let me tell you!  I am not a huge tanning bed person, especially because it is so expensive for a good bed so I usually relied on bronzer to make my face a little less dead like.  Anyways, getting back to my story, since that day I have been in love with Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals is inexpensive, lightweight, stays on through the day and comes in a million shades!  One of the best features for me is because it is so light weight, and natural, it doesn't make me break out.  A lot of other products would sit on my skin and I could feel the pimples forming.  If you haven't tried Bare Minerals I highly recommend it.

This is a new Bare Minerals kit I just got, it is the summer shade which I have never tried until now and thought "hey, why not".  It came with a brush and a lip gloss.  The brush I use for my Mineral Vail because I already have another brush I strictly use for bronzer, but it is always nice getting more makeup brushes!

The lipgloss is gorgeous for summer!  It has a pinky gold tone and some shimmer to it, which looks super cute with a nice tan :)

Here I am trying to show you the gloss on!  It is always hard to get lip shots but this was my attempt.

This was not a promotion for Bare Minerals, I really just wanted to spread the word about this product that has worked for me.  Any makeup products that work really well for you??  Or are you a Bare Minerals fan as well?