Honeymooners Dinner Date.

Good Morning Love!

Going to the Sun Palace was such a great choice, we can't wait to go back!  They honestly treated us so well and being around all couples was nice, we met so many great people.  One of the perks going to a "honeymooners" resort is the honeymooners stuff you get!  We got free t-shirts, cake, champagne, breakfast in bed, dinner on the beach, couples massage, and this romantic dinner.  This dinner was at the Italian restaurant and any of the couples could go but ours was specifically for honeymooners only, which was pretty cool!  We arrived at the restaurant and they took all of us outside along this terrace that overlooked the ocean.  We were seated and this is what our table looked like :)

How cute is that!?  Our menu choices (which we had made earlier when we made our reservation date and time) with our name on it!!  Below is a picture of around our table; rose petals lined the walk to our seat and then circled our table, so gorgeous and romantic.

I hardly straightened my hair when I was there so don't mind the crazy hair, but since we spent every day at the pool it just became unnecessary.  

Our meal was four courses: First dish was some type of fruit salad, this wasn't my favorite but I tried it and it wasn't bad!

Second dish was this tomato soup, oh was it good!!  I even finished some of Austin's because he wasn't big on it.

Third dish was the main course, we had a choice of steak with goat cheese or chicken stuffed with pecans and berries.  We both chose the chicken and I am so glad, it was really good!!

Fourth dish was desert!  How precious is it that they wrote our name on the plate in chocolate.  Everything was presented so immaculate, I loved that.  The desert was chocolate mouse with a vanilla covering on top, I tried to eat as much of it as I could because it was so good but I was so full!

I didn't get a picture of the last thing we had, it wasn't on the menu but they served it to all of us and it was amazing!  It was called a Mayan coffee; they had to make it inside because the wind would ruin it outside apparently.  We got to watch through the glass of them making it and it was so neat!  They lit all these different things on fire, mixed it together and topped it off with whip cream.  The outside rim of the glass had sugar on it, it was definitely coffee tasting but there had to be liquor in it because I doubt you can light coffee on fire, liquor you definitely can.

I'm sorry if you're getting annoyed with all the Honeymoon posts, but there is so much to share!!

Thanks for reading, and have a great Saturday!!