Honeymoon-Last Days.

Morning Gorgeous Gals :)

So this is my last and final honeymoon post, after about three you're probably like "thank the lord!" but it is so hard not to share everything!
Anyways our last couple days we had finally gotten use to being out in the sun all day and could actually stay up past 10.  The resort always had things going on and one of them we loved!! I apologize in advance the picture is terrible, I don't think anyone got a good shot but its not about the pictures its the experience and it was phenomenal!!  We had a Michael Jackson impersonator and he was really good!  Looked like him, danced like him, the outfits, spot on!  Everyone was cheering and singing along, it was such a blast!

These next couple pictures below are from a day when we went off the resort and to actual Mexico.  We didn't stay more than about 40 minutes and were ready to go back but I am glad I experienced it.  "Coco Bongo" is like a cirque du soleil for mexico.  Tickets are like 60 dollars a person, so we decided not to partake ha.

Oh just being myself in one of the local gift shops :)

Above: Us in front of the Hard Rock Guitar//Below: Couples Spa Day

Yes they look like snakes, they were heated neck rests, so relaxing before going in for our massages.

That night we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant which I made him go to because I love Mexican food.   He got shrimp and I got pretty much what I always get, enchiladas. 

I took a million pictures of the water, but it doesn't do it justice.  If you have ever been to the Caribbean you know just how blue the water is and how white the sand is!

Taking a walk on the beach, spotted this awesome chair made out of stone.

Walked down to the very end of the ocean, you can actually spot our resort from this picture!

Last night at the resort, and back to the steak restaurant :) our favorite!

Leaving our mark before we go.....

This is from our balcony, we watched a fire show that was going on.  We normally would be down there in the seats you see but it being our last night and having to wake up early we chose the view from our room.

Spotted this at the airport and reminded me of one thing...my Bella.  I am not sure how much it was, but I really felt like I needed it in my life.  The princess crown, it being a chihuahua, it was made for my dog haha

Thanks again for reading, and enjoy your day!!


  1. Ahh love this post it reminds me of my last summer in Mexico!!!


    1. Thanks Taryn! I already want to go back!


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