Honeymoon- Cancun Part 2

I kind of got away from honeymoon updates but I didn't forget!  Neither of us are routine people when it comes to vacation; we like to just go with the day and decide what we want to do right there and then.  Funny thing is, we fell into a routine while we were there.  Every morning we would practically wake up around the same time, Austin would go work out while I slowly but surely woke up and got my bathing suit on.  He would come back to the room, we would lotion up, head to breakfast and then pool and stay there till 4/5.  They served lunch everyday at the pool so we would eat there, which was not only delicious but so convenient.
When we left the pool we would go back to the room, shower, and get ready for dinner.  We tried just about every restaurant because why not?!  The food is already all paid for so if you don't like it you can just order something else.  After dinner is the only time our "schedule" would change.  Some nights we would watch a movie and order room service, other nights we saw live performances done at the resort.  All in all we had an amazing time and would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a couples or all adults vacation to go there!  Don't get me wrong I love kids, but there is something about relaxing by the pool and drinking that is nice without them.

Anyways here are some more pictures from our amazing time:

This was our first dinner date night, definitely my favorite meal!!

Our complimentary champagne and cake for being newlyweds :)

This was another night at dinner, look how spectacular those deserts are!  I just had to take pictures!

I have a few more posts about the honeymoon coming, so stay tuned!!


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