Honeymoon- Cancun Part 1.

Can I start by saying how excited I am to share this experience with you?!  This is one of the actual reasons I started my blog, so I could share major life adventures with the people I love.  Getting to the point, I have shared a few tid bits with you but in all reality I could probably go on and on about the wedding and honeymoon so I will try to contain my excitement and thoughts to keep this from becoming quite the novel it could be.

Let's begin!  First off I have never been out of the country before, yes I know I live a sad life, so this was a BIG deal!  I got my first passport, and can I just note how disturbing I look in my picture.  I mean I am the person who usually loves my drives license pictures (yes I am weird, aware.) that being said I wasn't expecting my passport picture to be much worse, but Oh....it was!  I understand this is not something people care about and I really don't but honestly....it is just straight serial killer status!! Moving on....Since I had never been out of the country I was super excited, like kid on Christmas morning excited!  I was taking pictures of everything!  I am always that person anyways so it didn't phase Austin but I literally think I was mouth open wide, ahhh-ing at everything especially when we arrived at the resort.  

The resort was gorgeous, I mean look at that!  Just beautiful and they treated us like royalty.  I have never had an experience like that, actually anytime I have ever gone somewhere it was because we had a summer house there or stayed in a hotel so someone waiting on me hand and foot was not something I was expecting or I think ever really got use to.  After a week I was still overly thanking everyone for every little thing they did for us.  It was "paradise" :)

 When we landed and got to the resort it was about 6:45 so not overly late but we were exhausted.  We walked around the resort to see how amazing it really was, unpacked all our stuff, ordered a crap load of food from room service, ate it all ha and then watched a movie and passed out.  The next morning we started the day right with an all you can eat breakfast.  We went here everyday for breakfast and I always got something different.  There was an unbelievable amount of food and different choices.  Below was a picture of my first breakfast, can you tell I hate fruit.  

That day we relaxed by the pool and just enjoyed the gorgeous view and free drinks!  The nice thing about this resort was it was all inclusive and now I can't imagine doing it any other way.  It was worry free because we didn't have to count change for every little thing. There was 4 different pools at the resort all focused around a different idea, so there was one that was romantic and relaxing.  This played light music, and was across from the bar.  There was another that was more hidden, not in the sun and had waterfalls.  This one had no music and was not by the bar, we didn't go to that one.  The one we went to was the largest pool, looked right over to the ocean, swim up bar and was known for loud music, and games all day.  It took us no time to find this pool and realize this is where we would be at all day everyday.  I mean look at that view, how gorgeous right?!

Lastly, for now, dinner; for dinner you had 5 different choices.  There was Italian, Mexican, Seafood, Steak and Oriental.  You could have dinner almost anywhere too!  We tried just about all the places and no surprise to anyone we liked the "Steak" place the best.  Of course because room service was no charge we would order that every night too, even though half the time we hardly finished what we ordered.  I will be sure to share all our dinners and other couples activities we did while we were there but for now this is all I am going to share :)  You will have to wait and keep reading to find out more!!!

Have a GREAT Memorial Week, have anything fun planned??  I want to hear!