Flower Power.

Good Morning,

So I understand my constant backyard background is probably getting annoying, trust me it's on my last nerves but with work all the time and having no friends here or family, it makes taking pictures a little difficult and I am constantly relying on the timer....as I am sure you can tell from the unoriginal poses.
Bare with me, when I find someone who can take photos for me I will jump on it in a second!  Having just moved, I know no one and it's hard to come right out and ask people to take photos for a personal blog.  Most people don't understand them or get why I would care, but talking to all of you, you understand.  So if you live in SC (close to me) and are looking to get your name out there for photography, HIT ME UP!

Enough of that.  This outfit was thrown together so I could run some errands (as I always do on a day off) and not have to think too much about does this go together!?  White in the summer is fabulous, although I don't wear much because I am "The Spiller".  Yes, I admit when I wear white I am practically asking to spill something on myself, even when I am being overly careful it will end up on me somewhere, some how!

This top is a bit older, but I love it!  And since I am on a shopping/spending freeze, I am forced to dig through my closet and make do.  This top has the most perfect flower detail, don't mind the fuzzies.  They are just so delicate and add just the right amount of perfection to the shirt to make it not so plain.  The lose fitting of the tank gives it a carefree feel and breezy for those hot summer days; which are most in SC.

This watch is more of a bracelet and I absolutely love that feature of it.  The detailing is just perfect and reminds me of something from Brighton, which is one of my favorite jewelry places.  I kept the accessories minimal, like I tend to do, but that's me when it comes to jewelry, simple and sweet.

Kind of hard to see but I chose these purple amethyst earrings that I picked up from TJ Maxx.  They are Lucky Brand (which I love) but despite the brand they are totally amazing and so unique.  I am loving the rock trend with earrings, necklaces and rings.  I am trying to head over to this boutique on the island later and find a necklace.  I regret never getting one the last time I was there.  Any new trends you are sporting!?

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, it is always the most relaxing day for me.  

Thanks for reading,

Shorts: Hollister
Sandals: Steve Madden
Earrings: Lucky Brand (via TJ Maxx)


  1. The background is pretty and it doesn't take away from the outfits!


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