Braids & Jumpsuits.

Remember when I told you I went shopping with my mom when she was in town and I was going to share my purchases with you?  Well guys, this is one of them and let me just say I am in love.  Heart beating, have to have, gushing LOVE!!! I have honestly been looking for the perfect jumpsuit in what seems like forever.  I saw one from Ann Taylor that I wanted super bad but it was sold out and I looked everywhere to see if maybe there had been one floating around since it was on sale but I had no luck :(.  I remember spending some time really looking for jumpsuits that looked similar and I felt like I just wasn't in love with any of them as much as the one from Ann Taylor.  

I had pretty much given up on the hope that I would find another that I loved until I walked into Michael Kors.  This beauty had a beam of light shining on it and angels starting singing!  It dream jumpsuit.  I am aware I am being a tad dramatic but you know when you are in the search for something and you exactly what you want and want it to look like, it is the greatest feeling when you find it.

 Jumpsuits are definitely not for everyone but after purchasing this I will keep searching for more!  They are so cozy but so chic!  If you are not sure about them, please try them out you won't be disappointed!!!

 These sandals you have seen tons in posts of mine and you will continue to because they are my favorite right now.  I mean they go with everything, they are comfortable and they have glitter on them, what's not to love?

I am actually thinking about buying a second pair and saving them for next summer because as much as I wear these they will probably be falling apart in a few months.

 I paired this with simple accessories because it is such a statement piece in itself.  I worse my smaller pearls, rose gold watch and rose gold bracelet.

This bag is an older purchase from about 3 years ago.  I actually bought it one summer on vacation in South Carolina, which is funny because that's where I live now.  This is one of my absolute favorite bags, don't you love it?!  

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and I want to know what your plans are!  I think the hubby and I are going to go see fireworks with some friends and get some dinner.  I work all day tomorrow but so does everyone so we'll all just go after work.  I will be sure to post pics on instagram so make sure to follow me @jenntherese

Thanks for reading lovelies,