Black Beard's Adventure.

Life has been so busy lately, especially now that I got hired for a teaching position and have absolutely nothing for my classroom.  Luckily enough my school is amazing and I have just about any kind of furniture I could want.  As for organizational pieces and decorative parts, I am on my own.  Luckily enough again, we get money to spend on stuff every year for our room so I am planning on hitting up TJ Maxx, Target and Walmart to start putting things together.  I am already Pinteresting my life away trying to get decorating ideas for the room.  I know I want it to color coordinate so matching is key :)

As you know my doggie is back with me ( YAYY!) and she got here thanks to my parents.  They were here for the week, which was super nice, but they left today.  It was nice having someone around the house to do stuff with and talk to, and my husband would agree.  Don't get me wrong we love each other but we havent had company since the wedding.  Hopefully more visits will be in store.  Anyways, the other night Austin and I were both off work so we decided to watch my little brother and let them go have a date night.  They went to Savannah to the Little Pink House.  They said it was absolutely amazing, and while they were enjoying themselves we went putt putting.

This place was so cool!  I felt like a little kid again, taking in everything and trying to focus on golfing at the same time.  It was pirate theme and they did such a nice job decorating, I couldn't help taking pictures of everything!

We had such a blast!  By the way, the shorts I am wearing in this post is a new purchase and I am obsessed!  I literally was telling all the girls at work to go get a pair!  More details on them later in an outfit post coming soon :)

Enjoy your day!