Amaranth Pink & a Touch of Lace.

Good Afternoon Loves!

Back from the honeymoon so I am back to my outfit posts!  I have been getting such amazing comments, feedback and support I just want to thank all my readers for being so supportive!!  Please keep the comments coming, they seriously make my day :)

 To me this is the perfect on the go, but looking cute outfit.  It is so comfortable and breezy for these hot summer days!  This crop top was a purchase I was not sure if I would love or hate because I actually ordered it online from Forever 21 last summer and as much as I love that store sometimes their clothes just don't fit right or they are super cheap fabric and fall apart in one wear.  This time though, I was lucky and have found so many uses for this top and the best part it was about 12 dollars.  When something is that cheap I am willing to take the risk of online ordering.  This isn't in stock anymore but here are some cute alternatives I am loving: here, here and here.

 The bangles I got last year from Aldo and have found so many uses for, especially because of the color range.  There is yellow, orange, pink and then gold and rose gold single bangles mixed in.  Bangles are not for everyday wear but for this outfit it brings in more warm colors which I like.

 This skirt was bought last year at Kohls believe it or not, it is Lauren Conrad's line.  I seriously can almost always find something I like from Kohls.  When I was younger I use to care so much where I bought my clothes from, but honestly now, I could care less.  As long as I love it and it is a good price it could be from Walmart.  But seriously there is a pair of adorable jean overalls from Walmart I have my eye on, they are just way too cute!  Anyways this is a high low skirt, which I am totally loving and in search for more.  The color is perfect for summer and the length is ideal for work or play.

For the earrings I went with a simple over sized pearl.  I love the classy look of pearls but because they are over sized it makes them the perfect costume jewelry for this outfit.

These shoes are fairly new from Kohls as well!  Again, they are from the Lauren Conrad line and I wear them all the time!  The creme color goes with anything and the eyelet cut outs make it so classy and girly.

I did go on a little shopping trip when my mom was in town the few days before the wedding so I will make sure to post about my new buys!!

Keep reading this week I will start posting Honeymoon pictures :)  Love you all and thanks for reading!  Enjoy your Monday ( some of you are probably laughing) but it is what you make of it!

Till next time,