What Suits Me.

Good Morning Lovebugs!  I have so much to do today and all alone :(.  Good news though, I got called by my work yesterday and I start Thursday at 7am, the time obviously stinks but I couldn't be more excited to make some money.  I secretly get addicted to making money, once I start working I want to work every second of every day.  Hence why I would work 14 hour shifts every week at my other job.  I hated every bit of it, but secretly loved it because I knew I would be making good money.

Besides the money talk, a while ago I mentioned I had purchased some bathing suits for my honeymoon.  Nothing crazy sexy, I wouldn't feel comfortable, so I went for cute and sweet.  Which is usually what I go for ha but anyways I realized I forgot to show you them!  I purchased them from H&M one night before dinner with my bestie and maid of honor Katie.  It sounds kind of silly but I have always wanted a suit from H&M.  I look online and they are so darn cute and um cheap!!  Unfortunately the closet H&M near me is like an hour away so I definitely don't drive to that mall often at all plus H&M don't ship to the US.  I have yet to figure that craziness out but luckily it was a fun day with the best so we made a drive for some fun shopping and dinner.  The point to the story is I finally was able to go and was thrilled to see they had tons of options and sizes (which is usually the problem).

I absolutely love the ruching on the taupe colored one, it is one of the details I loved when trying it on.  It is so flattering and the color looked so classy, picture with some thin gold jewelry, ah!  Love.  The second one, well, the color pretty much sealed the deal plus it really plays off of my features.  The cut and design makes it a bit sexier without showing the goods.

Notice I only bought one pair of bottoms....I love mixing and matching suits.  I only have a hundred random tops and bottoms.  Don't get me wrong I do have a few suits where the tops and bottoms match, but hardly ever do I wear them together.  I love the different patterns and materials being put next to each other, its like a work of art, and a new suit everyday!

The wedding is coming up soon and I couldn't be more excited!!! I do have a lot to do on my part however.....like writing my vows!  

Enjoy your week and the sunshine!


  1. Love the swimming suit you bought! It looks very classy!

    I know what you mean by getting addicted to making money :) I am the same :D

    I love your blog! The content, the design! It's great! Following you!



    1. Thanks dear! Aww that is so sweet of you! I'll make sure to check out your blog as well :)


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