The Vest You Can Be.

Morning loves!

So exciting news!!! I just got my first interview for a teaching position!  Couldn't be more excited, hopefully it goes well and I can finally get my foot in the door somewhere.  Speaking of jobs, Austin just decided his job wasn't working out.  It is complicated, I mean way complicated!  He would also tell you this is the first thing he has quit in his life and I believe it.  He is the hardest most dedicated person you will ever meet.  In a short summary, his manager was a con artist and was preaching about things Austin knew wasn't right and didn't believe in.  His gut feeling was not good, and your intuition is usually right.  So he got out while he could and is now in search of a new job.  I shouldn't even say job, that's what the last one was...a job; he is looking for a career.  Something he is passionate about and believes in.

 This outfit reminds me of something you might wear on a jungle safari, but I secretly love it.  Because it gives off the whole safari vibe it definitely needs livened up with some jewelry.  I chose this beaded necklace and also these over sized flower earrings.  They added just the perfect amount of jazz to the outfit and the colors brightened it up a bit.

I stayed very neutral and in the same color scheme, but this outfit could totally be thrown with a neon or leopard print somewhere.  I kept it simple for the sheer fact that I am relaxing today on my day off (besides the interview).  The interview isn't until 3:30 so until then relaxing it is!

I decided to wear my dressy wedge sandals to give my legs a longer look since the vest can be overpowering to someone as short as me.  Good news, that's what heels were made for!  You have seen these shoes many times, and you will continue to because they are one of my favorites.

I left my hair curly today and it is a bit wild ha so just ignore the frizz ball :)

It's that time again (monday), but enjoy it and always thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

Tank Top: Target
Necklace: NY&Co.
Heels: Charlotte Russe