Tangerine on Top.

With it being Monday, Austin started work and I am completely lost on what to do.  Hopefully soon I will be put on the schedule and can start work myself.  It was fun, these few days off, but now work has begun and I find myself catching up on television shows that I don't even watch and eating, lots of eating.

I was going to go for a run this morning but taking these few pics I was sweating half to death and rushed inside for a deep "ahh" as I felt the air conditioning.  Moving is so hard, I have no friends here, unfamiliar with the roads so I am honestly too scared to drive haha I literally have panic attacks when I don't know where I am and GPS's stress me out because half of these roads are brand new since the area is still up and coming it doesn't even know where I am!  I sound like a panic attack waiting to happen writing this.  Austin is one of the lucky people who can drive a street once and know his way around.  Let me be completely pathetic right now and say I have been coming to this area for 12 years now and Austin about 4 because of me lol and he knows his way better.  It really is just sad.

Now for the outfit!  This was a no thought look (as I am sure you can tell).  I didn't dress it up at all because I am literally laying around.  I don't know about you but I don't wear bangles and chunky jewelry and heels when I am laying around.  So this is what you get.  Flowy, loose weight shirt, with enough detail to be cute and not blah!  The shorts, just liked the color combo together with the top, they are so comfy (which I feel like I always say) but I rarely go into a store and say "these are cute, they itch like hell, hey I'll get 'em anyways".  Absolutely not.  I always strive for cute and comfy.

The shoes, well if you have to ask......Sperry's or boat shoes like most people call them.  They are not for everyone but I love them!  I have about 5/6 pairs, not including the ones I steal from my mom, and they are the most comfortable (I know there I go again) shoes and are that casual cute.  I chose them with this outfit because they go along with the whole simplistic concept I was going for and the color is fabulous in my opinion.  Being from Ohio, people always ask me where I got these, and honestly I have never seen this color since I got them.  I purchased these beauts 3 years ago, here (South Carolina) at some random shoe store that I didn't think would even carry Sperry's.  To this day I have only seen ones close to it, but not exactly like them.  You can find similar ones here and here.

How amaze is this top?!  It is from TOBI, absolutely adore the cut of the shirt and how flowy it is, which is perfect when it's hot out like today.  When it's hot out and I'm wearing a tight shirt I feel all congested and sticky like my clothes are melting onto me and becoming one with my skin.  Gross.  Flowy shirts are a necessity in the summer, unless you don't mind the tighter fitting clothes.

I love how during the summer all the pastel and bright colors come alive!  By the time summer comes I am sick of the greys, whites and blacks.  For a while at least, but never forget the LBD, that will never go away in any season.  

Sorry you'll have to get to use to these long, dragged out posts for awhile.  I will be sharing absolutely everything that you probably couldn't give two shits about, well because like I said, no friends here, Austin working....this lady is bored.  No worries though, probably won't last TO long because hopefully I will begin work myself soon.


  1. I've done that move to a place where you don't know anyone and it's tough so I hear you! Loving that top!

    1. Aww thank you, good to know someone can relate to how I'm feeling. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  2. First of all, I LOVED the photo of your profile! Another thing that I lived was your shoes! You are pretty and know how to be comfortable and stylish!


  3. Really like the shoes. They have a classy, south hampton appeal to them :)

    xoxo Gozika


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