Party Pants.

Good Afternoon Sweets,

Today was my first day at work!  I was there for training and my first official day is Saturday, wish me luck!  Any job I have, I tend to take very seriously, even things some people might not see as a big deal, I tend to be the opposite.  Oh well, that's just me I guess, but I am way excited to start!  Everyone there seems super sweet and fun to be around, who knows maybe I will make some new friends.

On a different note, this outfit!  Are you loving the pants?!  At first I wasn't totally sure about them, I had a hard time thinking they needed something, but they don't.  These pants make a statement alone and you better rock it or leave it behind.  Well gals, I'm rockin' it!  They are made of silk and the bagginess is just fabulous.  Seriously, if I ever find another pair I am snatching it up in every color!

I purchased these about 2 years ago from Michael Kors.  They were a random shipment and the only pair.  How weird right?  I just told myself they were sent for me, my size, good price, comfortable, and chic?  Yep!  My name was practically written on them.  

This top is another great piece from Mr. Michael Kors.  I have said this before but I'll say it again, he doesn't ever make a bad decision.  Everything he does is timeless and classic.  Obsessed much?  I know, I totally am.  

These shoes are from my post some summer sandals.  If you want more details about them read it here!  I kept the accessories simple, which I usually do, but hey I have excuses.  Every time I go shopping I totally forget about the accessories and purchase only clothes and or shoes.  I always forget about the jewelry, why (?) I don't know, but it is something I should work on. 

The unfortunate weather here is still raining on my parade, and my tan.  So inside I stay but I have had plenty of opportunity to catch up on episodes of Dexter, Awkward and movies I didn't see.  

If your weather is like mine, I feel ya!  If you are in the sunshine, I'm jealous!  Thanks for reading and supporting, you all are amazing :)  Have a good day beauties.


  1. love your sandals, so summery and so cute love them! :) x

  2. OMG I need these pants! They look so comfortable, yet so chic! :) The top is gorgoeus as well! I always love ruffles! They make everything so much more girly and fun :)))

    Thank you for the sweet comment! You really made my day!


    1. They are so comfortable! Arn't they amazing! Thank you for all the compliments :)

      Aww your so sweet. I love finding new blogs!

  3. Loving the pants! Congrats on the new job!


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