Out on the Water.

The other day, after I got off work, my man and I went to Old Town Bluffton.  This place is absolutely beautiful!  So beautiful that we actually got some of our engagement photos done here.  It is just so relaxing and being by the water couldn't be more amazing.


This dress is a newer purchase; I got it right before I moved (thanks mommy!).  I actually first saw it on my soon to be sister in-law.  She wore it to the wedding we went to and it looked so good that I had to get one myself!

 How can you not love the color?  Perfect for summer, and the material is cotton/spandex blend it couldn't be more comfortable.  Plus it hugs in all the right places making it super sexy without showing to much skin, which I am all for!

I wore my glitter sandals, which I am pretty much obsessed with!  They are just so girly and add sparkle (no pun intended) to any outfit.  I love good purchases :)

Work is going well and good news, the interview I had at the elementary school I had mentioned about, well I got the job!  How exciting right?!  I was in awh when I left, I couldn't believe they hired me on the spot!  A little bragging but I am way excited that I will be working with kids again soon.

It has been super duper hot here, I hope your getting the same kind of wonderful weather!!

Thank you for reading ALWAYS, you guys are truly amazing and make writing everyday worth it.

Keep up with the comments, I absolutely love the feedback :)


  1. Congratulations for the job! Lovely pictures, the 2nd is amazing! I love the sandals! :)


    1. Thanks girl! I know isn't the view spectacular. There is always something about being by water that is so calming.

      Love hearing from you!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why did you delete your comment hahaha and yes I did! Good I hope you do because it looked fabulous on you!!


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