Lady in Red.

Hello beauties,

Just stopping in to give you the outfit post for the day.  Today stormed terribly, a lot of the power went out in the town and I finally managed to venture out on my own and had to come home because of the outage.  Oh well, tomorrow I will have to do it all again.

Since I was running some errands, I wanted something comfortable but still wanted to look cute!  This top is one of my favorite.  I have worn it dressy and casual and always looks good.  It is a go to top when I want to be a little dressy without trying to hard.  The gems add that simple detail to make it dressy but the cotton/spandex fabric brings the comfy side.  If you want I could show you a night look, just let me know!

These shorts are amazing!  They are longer than your typical short, but I am actually finding I like that look and cut more than the normal short cut that usually ends up squeezing me in places that isn't cute.  The color is the perfect red and such a great summer color.

And the shoes, this was a no brainer, I have had these since high school.  I am sure you can tell because they are all beat up haha but I am like a baby with their blankey and I can not give them up!  I know they are practically falling apart, but they match with everything and I wear them all the time. I keep promising myself when I find another pair that is just as comfortable and cute I will purchase them and put these to rest, but until then.

Enjoy the rest of your evening,



  1. Lovely pictures! I like a lot the place and your outfit ;)
    I follow you now

  2. Cute outfit!!! Love it now for the summer :D

  3. I love the studded top ! So cute. I found your lovely blog on IFB and started following :) Stop by sometime for a visit. If you like what you see you can follow through GFC, Bloglovin or Facebook for the latest updates :)

    1. Oh awesome! That site is great for meeting new bloggers, very cool you found me there! I will be sure to return the favor :)

      Thanks for the love!

  4. Love the photos!! Your little white sandals are gorgeous!! xx

  5. love the outfit! I can't wait till summer!!!

    1. Thank you! I know right?! Love summer!

  6. One day at a time! Loving the crystal details on that top!


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