Thank you for being so patient with me and my lack of posting the last week or so.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I just got married and then left for our honeymoon.  If you have been married you know it is a whirlwind of amazing craziness that smacks you in the face and is all over before you know it.  Don't get me wrong as crazy as it all is, it is by far the greatest day of your life.  The best advice I was given for the week and I will give it right back is to "Relax and enjoy yourself in the moment."  Everything comes and goes so quickly you really don't want to waste all your time stressing out and freaking.  Just accept and enjoy the moment because in the end everything will turn out fine.

It was my wedding so I am allowed bragging rights.  The day was amazing, not every second, but in the end, looking back, everyone left full, drunk and sweaty.  To me, that means everyone had a great time!  Weddings are meant to bring everyone together to drink, eat and dance till you can't anymore, so I pretty much wish there was a wedding every weekend!  They are just so fun, and the best part mine is over so I have all my friends weddings to look forward to :)

I don't have wedding pictures yet so when I do they will be posted....for now some instagram love.

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1. The beautiful sunset we watched with our friends who came into town// 2. GATOR!! Always trying to spot these crazy scary creatures.// 3. Dinner once all our friends and family got into town

4. The best saying found in a cute little boutique shop on the island// 5. Moring of the wedding, getting ready, snaking and drinking wine// 6.  Where the ceremony was held.

7.My mom and my mother in-law helping with last minute dress details// 8. My maid of honor and I being silly before the ceremony started// 9. The handsome men

10.Collage stolen from Katie// 11. Collage stolen from Danielle// 12. Austin and I walking as Mr. & Mrs.!!!

13. Austin and I after the ceremony right before pictures started.// 14. Our first dance together.// 15. Our rings!!

16. Waiting in the airport, ready to board for Cancun!!!// 17. Our view from our room// 18. One of the many cute little deserts at the resort.

19. Our view from dinner!// 20. Couples spa day with my new husband// 21. Our last day at the resort and leaving our mark on the beach :)

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  1. wow! congrats :D

  2. Jennie!! So glad I was able to share some of those precious memories with you.. More to come!! <3

    1. I agree,I am so happy you were there :)


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