High Rise.

So as you know I have started work and it feels so good to be back into the flow of things and making money.  I absolutely hate not having money to buy the things I want and need.  Today signifies exactly two weeks till I get married so my better half!  We got the cake done, but I still need to make an apt with this salon called Karma to make sure they can do my hair and makeup for the wedding, along with the bridesmaids who would want it as well.

Sorry for the late post, was planning on doing this before work and ran out of time!  Luckily I took the pictures before so just writing the post now.

 This outfit was chosen strictly for work, but I rock this look during the summer all the time.  I love the high waisted shorts.  They are definitely in right now, and not just the shorts, bathing suits and pants as well!  Working at Michael Kors now a lot of my posts might start consisting of his clothing but no shame because his stuff is phenomenal.  If you are a MK lover too you are saying "mmhmm" and you know what I am saying!

I put these shorts with a simple navy blue tank that I got years ago at Hollister.  It is super stretchy and I have had no problems with it all these years.  Basic items like tanks I don't think matter where they are from as long as the serve their purpose.

 The shoes were not something I would have personally paired with the outfit but MK has strict rules about their wardrobe (which is fine) but since I was in a hurry I was taking pictures in what I was wearing (like I do) instead of switching the shoes for the pics.  If I were to wear this out I would have paired it with a cute wedge or a dressier sandal.  These will do though, they are a classic white color, neutral, goes with everything, and they are comfortable to be on my feet for 6 hours which is all that truly matters for work ha.

I would stay and talk more but we are headed for a movie night!  

Thanks for reading loves!

Top//Hollister, Shorts//MK, Watch//MK, Sandals//Steve Madden


  1. Wow, this is great! I love your blog, it’s really cute and I love the way you write. I’ve only just discovered your blog and I’ve just read through all your posts! Follow and check out me? http://charlottehavs.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha you're adorable, thank you! I will definitely check out your blog :) It is always fun to find new blogs to read.

      Thank you for the oh so lovely comment!

  2. Oh so exciting! Can't wait to see what your hair looks like...hopefully you'll post a pic! Loving the shorts.

    1. Oh you know I will be posting lots of pictures haha. I always enjoy your comments!


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