Cancun, Mexico!

Hola!!! We made it to Mexico last night around 6, I have been a picture maniac!  I didn't bring my computer just my iPad so I will try taking pictures on this so I can keep you all updated on this fantastic honeymoon. 

Rewinding....Our wedding was AMAZING!!! I know everyone thinks theirs is or wishes it will be.  Well ours was and its all because of my mom and her little creative skills.  She is truly spectacular when it comes to decorating and creating things out of hardly anything.  The hall was amazing in general and provided us with everything we needed.  The weather held up and the staff was just the most gracious people.  They were seriously waiting on us hand and foot, whatever we needed!  Just feels good to know if we needed anything they were there.

I will be sure to update you much more on wedding things when I get all the pictures, but for now, our view!

When we arrived here we got free champagne, wine and cheese and then dinner in our room.  We were going to go out to one of the restaurants but both of us needed a shower and were exhausted so room service it was.

I ordered cheese quesadillas with pico and guac....ugh was is delish!  Austin got pepperoni pizza and fries.  We explored the resort a little then came upstairs and pretty much passed out.  Today is the beginning of our honeymoon officially so we will be out having a blast :) Post soon!!