This Dress.

 Good morning sunshines!  I have been really rocking my summery clothes, the weather is gorg and it is actually shorts/dress weather my fav!  About time too I was going to puke if I had to wear slacks one more day ugh!  This is one dress that I actually got in highschool....I know I'm sorry but I just had to bring it out; it is definitely one of my favorites and I'm sure you can tell why!

Unfortunately I didn't remember the front being so low, or revealing ha during pictures I turned to the side in basically all of them or kept pulling it up feeling like I was about to show everyone my goods....whoopsies.

Oh sweet sun, how I love you so :)  
I have the most exciting things coming up!!!! Tomorrow is my last day of student teaching, this weekend is my bachelorette party, next week senior week, that weekend graduation and the fun just continues!!!
I literally couldn't be more excited.  Do you have anything amazing coming your way that your totally gushing over like me?

Kind of hard to see but the detail on this dress is just to die for!  Aren't you not dying over this fabric??

Then I threw the hair down to see what it would look like, major change.  I find myself totally partial to the bun, I think it just suits the dress so much better.

Love you all and thank you for reading! 

Attire: Dress: American Eagle, Earrings: Target, Shoes (not shown): Steve Madden