Some Summer Sandals.

Just got these new beauties to kick off summer!  I am always looking for new sandals to come into my life and spice up my wardrobe.  These babies were all super affordable even for my broke butt.  The sandals seen above are from the one and only Target.  I run into people all the time who say they can never find things when they go to Target, sometimes I wish that was me, I never have a problem dropping lots of money there.  Target is one store that is very reasonable and usually carries just what I wasn't looking for but all of a sudden find necessary to buy.

Now for the tennies, I got these polka dot beauts at Macy's ON SALE!  They only had two pairs left and I am almost never the lucky size shoe left, but this time I was!  I snatched these up thinking how girly and cute they would be for summer.  I am not a huge tennis shoe person but these barely look like your typical tennis shoe.  I can see myself rocking these with a white dress, capris, shorts, anything!  The color is also so adorable, that perfect baby blue color.  They are very light weight which is why, besides the color and pattern, they really screamed summer to me.  During the summer most people are sweating so bad they are trying to wear the least amount of clothing so they can breathe!  I feel like my feet will have no problem breathing in these babies.

On a personal note Austin and I are now officially moved in!  Of course we don't have a place yet, still looking, but my parents summer house will do.  It's only gorgeous and we are totally being spoiled but hey we'll take it :P  Today was a "what should we do today" kind of day, we went grocery shopping, he opened a bunch of our new household gifts we got and was checking them all out like a little kid, seriously I would walk away for 5 seconds, come back and he would be blending ice just to see how well our new blender worked, goodness haha.

We decided to make fresh corn on the cob and some pasta for dinner as our first meal.  We are so broke I was so excited to get fresh corn haha  I guess we all have little things in life that get us excited.  Mine apparently corn, his: blender and Keurig.  But seriously we have this gorgeous weather so we are going to go get some fresh fruit at a vendor and then hit the pool.  Beach is tomorrow and then out to dinner.  We both could not be more excited to be down here and enjoying this life long vacation!

Thanks for reading lovelies,