Out And About.

The last few days I have been in Indiana visiting my future family inlaw.  I will try my best to take as many outfit pictures as I can, but no promises.  Moving away is really making me enjoy being around family especially because I won't be seeing them all the time like I'm use to.   These beauts were taken from my phone while driving through Virginia.  I wouldn't say I love nature but the beauty of it I do.

This was taken one of the days down in South Carolina laying out by the pool enjoying the hot hot sun.  House hunting is going okay but we are your typical poor college students and everythng seems expensive right now unfortunately.

These last pictures were taken from our dinner date before we left back for Indiana.  My grandpa lives down there for 11 years now and loves taking us out for dinner.  And like I said broke college students here we never say no :)

The one thing I will say is southern food is amazing, and no one can do it like the southeners.  I had fresh brewed ice tea, pulled pork sandwhich and the best baked beans I've ever had.  Austin and my gramps got ribs and ate every last bit.

I am about ready for bed, yes I am a child and go to bed extremely early for a 22 year old but I  have been an early sleeper my whole life, no denying that.  Lots of things coming up so I will be sure to let you know!!

Thanks for reading!


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