First I'd like to apologize for being so absent lately; I have had possibly the busiest couple weeks and it isn't slowing down anytime soon!  I would have posted outfit looks except I post the same day I take the pictures, meaning I don't dress up different ways to cover my ass for the week.  When I post outfit looks thats what I am wearing right then.  If you have been reading you know that I had my bachelorette party, senior mill crawl and graduation.  That is all finally over and it was a blur!!  It all went by so fast and I don't even know what happened lol I was prepared to graduate but now I am kind of sad in a way knowing that part of my life is over, then again I am so excited because I have so many exciting things coming my way.

Currently I am in Hilton Head, South Carolina soaking up the sun but more importantly applying for jobs and looking for somewhere to live!  I spent all yesterday driving school to school applying, then today was house hunting and applying for summer positions and then tomorrow is finishing up applying and relaxing.  We went to the pool a little today but with so much going on we didn't have all that much time to enjoy ourselves.  Good news is I walked into my favorite store Michael Kors and simply introduced myself to the managers and they hired me on the spot!!  Couldn't be more excited to start, I go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork.  Since you haven't heard from me in forever I have many pictures to post which I promised you would here is a synapses of events that have happened lately.

1.Ice cream date with my man in South Carolina. 2. Laying out by the pool in the morning. 3. Scenery Picture driving through West Virginia. 4. Quote I loved walking through a craft store. 5. Diploma I received graduating!! 6. My baby bella thinking shes Obi Wen-kenobi 6. Geisey Jones my wrinkled pup. 8. Getting my nails done at the salon :). 9. First time eating guac, homemade by my cousin and it was DELICIOUS. 10. Selfie right before my bachelorette party.