Lace Shorts and Pastels.

Hello Ladies!

I know I am posting another black and white outfit, but I am out of town right now, so I only brought so many outfits to wear, and most of the time I got out of town I bring only a few pieces that I mix and match with each other.  Another thing is when I go out of town I usually pack basic colors like your whites, blacks, tans and greys only because they match with everything.  When I wear lots of color I tend to dress it up with jewelry and cute shoes etc.  I know wearing basic colors you can do the same but at this point I'm not.  I did bring some statement pieces for my bridal shower and the wedding.  Those events haven't happened yet so you won't see those outfits till then.  

Like I've said, I don't take outfit pictures in advance.  When you see an outfit post, that is what I am wearing right now.  

These are some of my favorite shorts, they are so comfortable and add some spunk to a basic outfit.  For instance all I paired it with was a basic white tank.  The shorts are from my absolute favorite shop: TOBI.  I probably spent 1,000 dollars on clothes from them over the last year and a half.  I just cant get enough of their stand out pieces.  They also always have their stuff 30% off which makes it hard to resist.  Plus recently they moved to free shipping, and luckily I have no money to spend or it would all go straight to them!

I accessorized with some pastel colored bangles to add some color to this basic ensemble.  Something so simple can make an outfit go from bland to grand.  Just the little detail really brings the outfit together.  Of course along with my favorite pair of wedge sandals.  All the straps make it very sturdy and comfortable to walk in especially for being 4in heels.

Anyways, last night was so fun!  My babes, his sister and I went to see Hangover 3 which I wasn't  disappointed   because the story line was different.  I definitely laughed a lot more than I did in the second one, which in my opinion, was a copy of the first just not funny at all.  Well while we were buying tickets we saw Fast & Furious was playing, ha so we bought tickets to see that movie too!  We are bums but it was in the 50's yesterday and rainy, what is there better to do on a crappy day then watch movies? To me, nothing.  It was a blast!  We got a large popcorn, and large frosties (blue raspberry of course) so delish.  If you are an avid movie goer like my man and I you know how crucial popcorn is haha.  

Luckily today it is back to the sunshiny weather and I am craving ice cream so hopefully a date will be in store :)

Enjoy your day


  1. I can see why you love the shorts so much - they're so cute! In love with your shoes btw. You can dress them up and down, and versatility is the best thing about great shoes! :)

    1. Thank you! And agreed they are good shoes for many occasions.


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