Forever Patterns.

The lovely trip has come to an end and we're on our way back to Ohio.  Not for long though, we're going home for a wedding and his bachelor party and then will be back for good!  We will both be working babies and trying to live on our own.  So many emotions about living on my own but at least I'll have my man by my side to support me and hopefully get a teaching position.  He starts work right away so if I'm not working I'll be at the pool laying out.....what a tough life haha.  

This dress is an oldie but one of my favorites!  I especially love it because I can wear it without a bra and be comfortable.  Not too often that happens, actually never does that happen but for some reason this dress makes it possible and who wouldn't want to go without if they could.  I love the pattern of the dress, so simple but complex enough to not have to worry about tons of jewelry to make the outfit.  I paired it with this amazing braided sandals from Gianni Bini, they add just the right amount of touch; another piece I rock a lot during the summer times.  





  1. Such a pretty dress. Looking great :)

    xoxo Gozika


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