Floral Fever.

Hello Ladies!

I am totally obsessing over the floral trend.  It started up awhile ago and I wasn't quite sure if I was on board or not.  I try not to get wrapped up in fads but this is no fad and I have decided to whole heartily jump on board.   I recently purchased this new sunglasses case.  I know so simple but I am in love.  The thing with florals to me is it can be way over done.  I tend to like the floral prints that are very simple and elegant looking.  

I got this case at a little boutique in the mall called Madewell. The boutique to me is overpriced, although there stuff is very nice quality.  Being the poor college student I am there is no way I can drop 90 dollars on a tank top right now.  However this sunglasses case was only 15 dollars and I was totally loving it when I laid eyes on it.  Isn't it adorable?!

It has been so gloomy and rainy the last couple days so I haven't gone outside to take any pictures lately but I promise if the sun comes out, I will be out there snapping away!

Have a good day loves!